We’re here to light up your senses, one wick at a time

Premium candles wholly focused on providing you with your forever scent; lighting up your senses, one wick at a time.

Highly emotive and closely linked to memory, our sense of smell is the strongest form of emotional transportation. Nostalgia, joy, desire, peace; our moods are acutely affected by different scents.

Therefore, our range of scented candles were expertly designed to aid these moods and to provide a safe, meditative space where only the most positive thoughts can survive. Each carefully curated candle serves a purpose; whether it is to elevate self care, to promote tranquility, to comfort, to brighten - or just to recharge and reset - there will be a candle just for you.

Find a scent that will be uniquely yours and remember to always be Kynder to yourself.

Love & Light,