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Lemongrass. Mandarin PeelCyclamen. Green Tea Leaf. Amber. Red Rose

Its the scent of getting ready for dinner at your favourite holiday destination, your skin is still warm from the sun and the night feels so balmy, but a little fresh.

Our custom scent of mixing top notes of Green Tea Leaf and Lemongrass, take us back to our favourite holiday memories. 

Balmy Nights is housed in a custom concrete jar, reducing the risk of heat transfer. Our mouth watering scents burn clean with an incredible hot and cold scent throw. 

Our 315g is the perfect size for your bathroom or bedroom, while our 400g is recommended for open living spaces like your kitchen, dining and living room.

All kynder products are vegan and pet friendly.

Burn times vary, we recommend burning your candle for four hours at a time.

Our jars are hand crafted and have a very delicate surface, take care when handling.