What is Kynder?
Kynder is a modern luxury fragrance house, specialising in unique and safe scents to trigger both positive and relaxed moods.
Tell us more about Kynder scents
Our Kynder scents have been specifically designed to improve your mood - whether it be to unwind after a long day, be reminded of your favourite holiday by the beach or feel inspired and uplifted. We have created a small, premium range of unique scents to fill your surroundings with a calming sense of relaxation and positivity.
How is Kynder different to others?
We use a specific soy blend candle wax. Our scents and wax are totally safe to be lit for extended periods. We wanted our customers to be able to enjoy the incredible scents and comfort of our candles without the harmful toxins.

Pricing of Kynder's products
Our premium range is in AUD. Our prices vary from sizing and number of wicks in our products.
How long will a Kynder candle last?
We pride ourselves on a maximum burn time of 60h per multiple wicked candle. We have specifically designed our candles to have the utmost burn time for our customers. Double wicks will ensure a higher scent throw, but burn a little faster given the amount of heat produced. 
Where should I keep my Kynder candle?
Kynder candles don't like a drastic change in temperature. Keep us in the same, safe spot away from any items that could potentially fall on us. 
Who currently stocks Kynder?
We are currently stocked online, with a small range available at Salon Gabrielle.

Shop 6, 7 Aspen St, Moonee Ponds
How do I become a Kynder stockist?
Become a Kynder stockist by contacting us on info@kynder.com.au

Does Kynder offer refunds?
At this stage we do not offer refunds. We hold a strict 10 day after purchase policy should there be any issue with your product and we will happily provide a replacement for you.
Where is Kynder products shipped from?
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
What is the cut off for express post?
1pm Australian Eastern Standard time.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes we do, via UPS

Further questions
Contact us on info@kynder.com.au and one of our friendly staff members will be able to assist you.